in the HOTEL LIEBESGLÜCK in Winterberg


Everything about our steak

How to make a steak really good?

Breed, origin, rearing, feed and cutting are the most important parameters. Since we know meat from all over the world, we know where the best cattle breeders are. From these we select the best specialties for you. We do not have small steaks tenderized only by extreme maturation! The weights are gross weights. Our steaks are prepared in 3 steps: After the steak is grilled, it rests for a few minutes, it matures. To support its flavor, we re-fry it in fresh butter for the finish. You determine the cooking point:

Rare or heavily bloody

Inside raw but warm dark red meat juice

Medium rare or bloody (often also English)

Inside cooked with raw core meat juice is bright red

Medium or pink

Uniformly pink, the meat juice is already starting to become clear

Medium well or semi well
Slight pink coloration

Well done orgray inside by
, not recommended for steaks, the muscle fibers stick together and cannot hold the meat juices.

The color inside depends, of course, on the texture of the meat. Trust your taste, not your eyes!

Our steaks

Grain fed is the international name for particularly tender and aromatic beef. This elaborate finishing per min. 120-day grain feeding is hardly used in Europe. That is why our meat comes from Canada, in the summer from New Zealand.

Flat Iron Steak

The favorite from Canada: Black Angus steers provide a very tender marbled muscle meat thanks to grazing and subsequent fattening with corn and sweet grass. A flat muscle from the shoulder is

so tender that it could rival the fillet steak. It is hardly known in Germany.

Rump Steak – Black Angus Heritage – Canada

Cut from the rump, a slice from the back of the beef back. The thin fat edge provides the flavor.

Rib eye steak – Black Angus Heritage – Canada

Entrecôte or intermediate rib cut. It is the upper part of the back and ends in the neck. 3 fine fibrous muscle strands encase the typical fat eye, which gave it its English name.

Fillet Black Angus Heritage – Canada

The inside of the beef back. Steaks from this most tender and lean part of the beef are called (according to size) chateaubriand, tournedo or filet mignon.

The special steak

Wagyū 和牛 Japanese beef**

Uruguay 300 days grainfeed

This breed of cattle has very strong marbled meat, that is why it is so tender and aromatic. Here, the marbling level is 7 on a scale of 1 – 12. (Beef Marbeling Standard). Prices can be found below.

The supplements

Amazing fries

The best fry, American recipe with crispy corn crust.


the potato spiral on the spike refined with rosemary

Fried potatoes

always delicious, here especially


classic and delicious baked in cream

Hickel potatoes

The little Winterberg brother of the “Backed Potatoe”.

Also available separately with sour cream.


Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and lots of season, finished with our French dressing or the balsamic dressing.
Pan-fried vegetables

Always in season crisp spicy and delicious.

The sauces

Pepper sauce

Made with different types of pepper – not too hot – our homemade demi-glace and creme fraiche.

Bearnaise sauce

The herbaceous colleague of hollandaise, with chervil and tarragon, fluffy and of course homemade


Made from Sauerland organic rapeseed oil and fresh lemon. (industrial mayo from Kraft is also available upon request).


The sweet and sour seasoning with lots of spices, tomatoes and a touch of paprika and curry.

Herb butter

Always tastes like our garden, but never the same

Sour cream

All natural and with 42% fat, called creme fraiche in France.

Sauces extra

Truffle mayo made with Sauerland organic rapeseed oil and fresh lemon, burgundy truffle and white truffle flavor 5,50

Additional sauces extra 2,50

Meat dishes

Our steaks

THE SIZES (at least each weighed raw)

Wagyū flank steak

73,00 €
for 2 persons 400g


52,00 €

Viennese veal escalope**

25,00 €
Our best cutlet of veal is cut from the topside.

Kikok - The chicken

21,00 €
...comes from Westphalia. A bit firmer (it had more training and run), yellow skin color (due to Westphalian corn and student flowers) and fully aromatic. Herbed breast with garnish:

** Side dishes are also included here according to choice

Surf & Turf - Crustaceans

to the steak is called surf & turf, which means “surf” and “turf” or “pasture”.

You get:

two king prawns

10,00 €
(With us exclusively wild catch from the Atlantic Ocean)

or 100g lobster

27,00 €
From the grill

or ½ lobster

27,00 €
From the grill

Hamburger (Winterburger)

I’m a true winter b(u)erger: the rolls or buns are baked by us from Schleimer Mill flour, 180g of meat comes from organic farmer Schmitt’s oxen or from our woods, and is wolfed and roasted directly by us, sauce and our Amazing fries are included.


17,00 €
Biorind or deer

To spice it up:

Red wine onions

2,50 €


2,50 €


2,50 €

SPECIAL GUESTS: The children

How about a robber plate. You get an empty plate, and fill up what your parents can’t save. Free of charge

Small veal escalope

10,00 €
With our fries, the Amaizeing Fries. The ketchup also comes with it

Large salad bowl

12,00 €
With feta cheese or Kikok chicken strips, various dressings.

No steak

18,00 €
Winterberg fried potato cake crispy outside, filled with cheese and lots of vegetables inside

Grilled fillet of pike perch

22,00 €
On a bed of vegetables and bearnaise sauce with potato gratin


Every day something different from our jars.

3,90 €
Portion small, price fine - there you could also access 2 times. Take a look at our antique belly store. We come to your table


Here, too, the sweet temptations do not wear heavily,

3,90 €
they are also available in jars from the belly store and do not cost much


Soup of the day,

7,00 €
ask us for the current soup of the day

Amaizeing fries

12,00 €
with truffle mayo and parmesan cheese


7,00 €
Potato spiral on skewer with ketchup

Less Meat -Less Heat

Luxury, like our meat, is something we like to share.

10,00 €
Why not share a portion with two or three of you? You just order the sauces and side dishes to go with it.
Open/close drinks menu


im HOTEL LIEBESGLÜCK in Winterberg

Colorful soda drinks macro shot


Schweppes, Tonic, Bitter Lemon und Ginger

2,70 €

Limonaden von Fritz

3,70 €
0,2l – Kola, Kola Zuckerfrei, Orange, Zitrone und Rhabarberschorle


3,50 €

Selters, Classic, Leicht und Naturell

2,70 €

Selters, Classic, Leicht und Naturell

7,00 €


Apfelsaft, Orangensaft


Veltins Pils – 0,2

2,30 €

Veltins Pils - 0,4l

4,40 €


3,70 €
Alkoholfrei und Malz – 0,3l aus der Flasche

Hövels, dunkel – 0,2

2,50 €

Hövels, dunkel - 0,4l

4,80 €

Maisel´s Weisse

5,50 €
0,5l – Weizen, Original, Dunkel und Alkoholfrei aus der Flasche

Bier von hier: Hallenberger (dunkel) oder Winterberger (hell)

14,50 €
Landbier 1l im Kühler mit Gläsern
Close up of unrecognizable couple toasting with lager beer in a bar.
a cocktail glass with ice cubes garnished with dried lemon and fruit


Aperol - Spritz

6,50 €


6,50 €

Ramazzotti Aperitivo Rosato

6,50 €

Calem Fine White Port

4,50 €

Calem Fine Tawny Port

4,50 €

Kir oder Kir Royale

6,00 €


(mit 4cl Alkohol)

Gin Tonic, Bombay

6,50 €

Cuba Libre mit Havanna Club

6,50 €

Campari Orange

6,50 €

Kahler Asten Orange

6,50 €



5,50 €
0,2l – 28 Riesling Stimulierend und frisch in der Nase, feine Fruchtaromen und mineralischer Charakter.
0,75l – 29,00 €


7,50 €
0,2l –03 Grüner Veltliner, trocken
0,75 – 26,00 €


8,50 €
0,2l –80 Johannisberger Riesling, Kabinett fruchtig, feinherb
0,85 – 29,00 €


8,00 €
0,2l –92 „Element“, Gewürztraminer, lieblich fruchtig
0,85 – 28,00 €
A shallow focus shot of a glass of white wine isolated
side view a woman drinks a glass of red wine



8,00 €
0,2l – 23 “Rosso Piceno” Sangiovese / Montepulciano - komplexer fruchtbetont, Pflaume-Krische
0,75l – 28,00 €


7,00 €
0,2l –03 Grüner Veltliner, trocken - Feiner Barriqueton, ledrige Struktur, leicht
0,75 – 26,00 €


Tempranillo La Mancha

7,00 €
0,2l – Frischer Rosè duftige Fruchtaromen und dezente Säure
0,75l – 29,00 €



7,00 €
0,1l – Riesling brut, Flaschengärung
0,75l – 35,00 €


12,00 €
0,1l – ein Blanc de Blanc, also ein reiner Chardonnay aus grand cru Lage
0,75l – 69,00 €


5,00 €
0,1l – Perlwein
0,75l – 25,00 €

Schauen Sie in unsere Weinkarte vor Ort.

Mit viel Sachverstand und noch mehr Spaß beim Probieren haben wir sie erstellt.

Unser Servicepersonal empfiehlt Ihnen einen nach eigenem Hausrezept gemachten Astenpreiselbeereschnaps auf Wodkabasis 2 cl zu 3,80 €.


Wir bereiten alles selbst zu, haben also die volle Kontrolle über die Zusatzstoffe. Diese sind alle natürlich und echt. Gewürze, Kräuter etc..

Hefeextrakt, Natriumglutamat oder Haltbarmacher sind in keinem unserer Gerichte.

Sulfide, also Schwefel befindet sich in unseren Saucen, da wir sie mit Wein verfeinern. In den Fonds befindet sich Sellerie und teilweise Sojasauce. Eier, Nüsse, Weizen, Pilze, Senf und Krustentiere verwenden wir ebenfalls reichlich in unserer Küche.  Sesam, Erdnuss, Lupine, Weichtiere kommen u.U. auch schon mal vor.

Allergiker, also aufgepasst:
Weisen Sie den Kellner in jedem Fall auf eine Allergie hin. Am besten geben Sie uns Ihren Allergiepass. Der Küchenchef ist bestens ausgebildet und wird Ihnen eine Empfehlung für einen genussreichen und allergieschockfreien Abend geben.

Gerne kochen wir für Sie in separat gereinigtem Kochgeschirr Ihr Essen und vermeiden zu 100% Ihr Allergen.

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